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PlayStation 5 - 700 credits
PlayStation 5 - 700 credits

iPhone12 64GB - 1,000 credits
iPhone12 64GB - 1,000 credits

Bose Portable Speaker - 400 credits
Bose Portable Speaker - 400 credits

PlayStation 5 - 700 credits
PlayStation 5 - 700 credits


Hardworkers Ambassadors

COVID-19 caused many essential workers to lose their jobs.

We recognize that and want to help. Our Ambassador program is designed to rapidly grow the Hardworkers community so that we can connect displaced workers with job opportunities. By becoming an Ambassador you can help your local community while earning credits toward awesome rewards. 

What are Hardworkers Ambassadors?

You guessed it: Hardworkers Ambassadors are brand champions for Hardworkers - the first professional social network designed to connect blue-collar workers with their local communities.


Now, more than ever, our ambassadors play a critical role in helping their community recover from the economic impact of COVID-19 by connecting their network with local workers and new employment opportunities.


Can I be an Ambassador?

  Anyone can become a Hardworkers Ambassador! It's a great opportunity for university students, workers, and community members. No previous Hardworkers experience required.

What would I do?

Spread the word about Hardworkers! You'll get a unique link and custom QR code poster to share with your friends, campus, network, and local community. For each new sign-up you'll not only help to strengthen your community but you'll also earn credits toward our awesome rewards.

What would I get?

Free stuff! And we're not talking about gimmicky pens here. Our ambassadors earn credits toward amazing rewards including a PlayStation 5, iPhone 12, or a Bose sound system with each new sign-up they generate.

Image by Martin Katler

PlayStation 5



Image by Przemyslaw Marczynski

Bose S1 Pro



Image by Tyler Lastovich

iPhone 12



To keep things exciting each new sign up is randomly awarded $0.10-$1000 (accordingly to a random distribution, we promise) so that new PS5 is closer than you think. Learn more about how to earn and redeem your credits here.

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How do I start?

Becoming a Hardworkers Ambassador is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

Join to get your Hardworkers ID    (You’ll need this to submit your Ambassador sign-up!)
Become an Ambassador
Sign-up and we'll provide you with a unique link and a QR code to share
Start Sharing to
Earn Rewards
 Start sharing! You earn credits every time your link/code is used to register on Hardworkers.
Once you've earned enough credits, claim your reward! 

Where should I share?

  • Share invites via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

  • Use chat apps like WhatsApp or Messenger or send emails.

  • Visit local coffee shops, barbers, and businesses and ask to display a poster in the window

  • Above all, be creative - you can invite your co-workers or friends during lunch break.


Become an Ambassador Today!

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