Put your classes in front of the entire town. 🎓

You might have the best courses in town that thousands would benefit from, but if locals don't know about them, it doesn't matter.


Hardworkers Courses & Workshops is designed to virally promote your online and physical classes via your existing learner base.

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Your existing students are your best marketers.

We integrate your educational content in every aspect of the app. Your current and previous students can add it to their portfolios, share it with colleagues, and see influencers mentioning your courses.

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Courses immediately appear in a portfolio for employers and colleagues to see.

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Visual course preview improves the quality of traffic directed your way.

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Seeing pals completing courses is a strong reason for taking a course yourself (FOMO).


Make your workshops discoverable 🎓

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If you have any questions, please email help@hard-workers.com