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Do you just make videos? No. Do you make great content? Getting warmer. Do you tell stories about the things you are passionate about? Hell, yes!

Our aim is to create a space for blue-collar influencers and any other craftsmen (and women!) to share their journeys with our unique audience.​


Find your crowd on Hardworkers TV

Hardworkers TV works similar to Youtube, where we highlight influencers' channels to get your content seen by the highly focused audience of blue-collar workers it was originally made for.

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Get influencer status

Each influencer account gets a verification checkmark to signal their status to the community. Every time you post something, your following gets notified.


Set up your channel

Post frequent updates and authentic stories to engage directly with your current and potential followers.


Grow a committed following

Select a specific audience to which your posts should be visible, to get quality followers. Your best posts may get featured for the entire Hardworkers community to see.


What do you get as an influencer?

We want to build a community of diverse content creators and makers that put real skill and hard work into their trade.


Influencer checkmark

It differentiates your profile

and get an additional layer

of credibility in the community


Welcome kit

We send you a few cool things (like QR tile) that help you gain followers and grow your channel


Community access

Get connected to other influencers and work with our Content Team on content ideas

Make content creation your full-time job

It's passionate content creators like you that make blue-collar industries feel fresh and cool.


$ per click

Promotional partnerships

Promote jobs, workshops, and products of your partners 

by including links to their products and services right under your videos


Creative Fund Program

Once you reach 2,000+ followers you can enroll in the program to get rewarded making our community more fun and engaging


Store for your merch

Showcase and sell your merch to your superfans directly through the Hardworkers app

Coming this January


Get your influencer status  📺

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