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We have partnered with Smart Poster and I ❤️ My Town to create a simple, but game-changing piece of technology to bring your job openings into the physical world. Let us introduce the smart Help Wanted poster.

Redesigned to be smart.
For greater reach.

Try scanning it yourself 😎

How does the smart Help Wanted poster work?

At the heart of each smart poster is a town-specific QR code that links directly to job postings in that area. It's easy for anyone to use - simply point your camera at the poster's QR code and follow the link that automatically appears. You can give it a try below!

Discover local jobs

Each poster is town-specific, so when workers scan the QR code, they're presented with all available jobs in their area. Magic!

new poster taped SMALL.png

Post a local job

All jobs posted on Hardworkers automatically get added your town's smart Help Wanted poster, when you specify the location of your openning.


Towns where posters are already live!

In towns where Help Wanted smart posters are already distributed, your Hardworkers jobs postings will be automatically added! We know, another 🤯 If your town is not listed, you can be the first one to try it!

Join thousands of other businesses

We can also make a custom Help Wanted smart poster personalized for your company so that when locals scan it, they get directed to your openings first. Please email us at if you want to sponsor a campaign in your town!